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July 19, 2012

Student Yearly Challenges - Reading, ELA, and Math

My students have enjoyed seeing their progress as much as I do.  In past years I usually start the challenges in January when we start the major test prep, but this year I'm switching it up a little.  I want to start it at the beginning of the year, so students can really measure how far they come in our 38 weeks together.  
New this year, I created a 32 books yearly challenge for my students.  I know the Book Whisperer talks about 40 books, but 32 could fit on the paper so much better.  My main goal was to have them have a space to write the book title and AR quiz# on the sheet, then it turned into a tracking device for the year.  Here's the document if you are interested - the font should be A Little Pot.    
This is the same Internet 4 Classrooms Game Board that I already posted a while ago for Friday Finds.  Internet 4 Classrooms has so many awesome activities for kids to review.  I mainly have my students focus on the Language Arts aspect, since we use IXL for Math.  Here's the document again if you want it - the font should be Annoying Pot.   
For IXL (Math) my students have this game board to color in as they master the skills.  These are the skills for 4th grade, but the letter/number combos are similar in all grade levels.  I also did something similar when I used Think Central to have kids keep practicing.  Here is the document.

These sheets will be kept in the students' binders.  They will have access to them to bring them home to work toward their goals, they can pull them out when it's their turn on the student computers in the classroom, or when it's our turn to head to the computer lab.  Anyway that gets them to review, right?  

Do you do something similar in your classroom?  Hope this helps! 

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