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October 21, 2014

Starting Our Business Unit

Our second unit of the school year is entitled Dollars and Sense.  It's a lot about different businesses.  Last year I found this fun project by The Science Penguin that has kids design their own stores.  It's mainly a math project, but it ties in perfectly with our first story which is called "Starting a Business".  

The kids have to brainstorm their own business - complete with a store name and products, answering questions that tie in perfectly with learning about a business.  They have to realistically think how they are going to set up the inside of their store (great perimeter and area lesson), and then figure out the outside of the building.  

Highly recommend this if you need your kids to design their own store.  

October 18, 2014

Book Tunes Book Report

I wanted to share my students' first major book reports of the year.  Usually I have the kids make up their Cereal Box Book Report for their first trimester report, but then there is always the issue of where to store them in my small, cramped room.  This year (during the BIG SALE), I found a book report bundle from The Peanut Gallery that had a project called Book Tunes Fiction Book Report.  It had the kids create paper CD's for the different parts of the report, and they presented it in class in a CD case.  LOVE it!!  

The kids had guidelines and due dates along the way, some that I added.  For instance, they had to choose an AR book and take a test on it as part of their grade.  My past students came in this week and hung them up for me.  We just used large binder clips and push pins to hold them on the wall.  Little things that did not take up a lot of room.

I love this project and highly recommend it!  Definitely motivating for my students to complete.  

October 17, 2014

Explorer Books are DONE

The first major nonfiction multi-paragraph writing for my class are for their Explorer books.  We learn about the different men and they take notes in their notebooks.  We compare them, we tell all the fun details of their lives (and write timelines), and they write interesting paragraphs about them - full of details.  Then I do guided draws on the board with the men's portraits.  I'm not an artist, but the kids make me feel like I am.  :)    

We draw the coast of CA and map out the men's voyages.  To finish it up they have to write up a Table of Contents and put it into a folded piece of construction paper as their Explorer books.  

Here's the inside:
1.  Table of Contents

2. Map of CA with voyages

3.  Juan Cabrillo's portrait
4.  Juan Cabrillo's paragraph

5. Sir Francis Drake's portrait
6.  Sir Francis Drake's paragraph

7.  Sebastian Vizcaino's portrait
8.  Sebastain Vizcaino's paragraph

Do you study Explorers?  It's always a fun time of year!