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August 26, 2014

Revisiting iPad Apps

It's that time of year.  I have so much that I want to share with you, but I keep forgetting to take pictures of the stuff at school... hopefully soon I won't feel like I've fallen off the planet.  I was looking through my old posts, and thought that maybe this reshare of technology would be helpful... Enjoy!

Originally from August 31, 2013

It's that time again - linking up with Joanne over at Head Over Heels for Teaching to share the biggest motivation in my classroom these days.  


Everyday during silent reading and then again during workshop, there is a big silence as I announce whose turn it will be.  

The person chosen must have all their work completed to be able to take their turn.  

They must be on green or higher.

It's a big deal.  

Of course the wireless in my classroom hasn't been working lately (at all this year), so the only thing they can really do on the ipad are the many FREE apps I have found and uploaded.  

The front page (not shown) is all the basic stuff that I use in the classroom - the timer, class dojo, camera, etc...  Then it gets into the fun stuff.  I started out putting them into folders with the different subjects, but a bunch of folders isn't exactly eye catching.

So I moved the folders to their own pages, and started unpacking them.  Some of them have been mixed up, but mainly the first student page right now is Reading/Grammar/Spelling...

The next page is mainly all math.

Then the 3rd student page is Social Studies and Science...

And the fourth page continues on...

I haven't bought any apps yet.  It's all free stuff that my students are eating up.

The kids know they are all educational apps - that they will only get educational stuff from me.  They are loving the choices.  Right now it works out to being 1 or 2 students that get a chance during silent reading time (12-15 minutes), and then another 2-3 during workshop at the end of the day.  So yes, it's taking more than a week to get through everyone, but we're making due (and the kids aren't whining).  

Between the Ipad (skills), the nowboard (whole class), the 9 mp3 players (listening centers), the Kindle Fire (free kid books), and the 2 microphones (fluency), the classroom is a busy technological place.  :)  Love it!  

August 19, 2014

Random First Week Activities (Math and Writing)

I wanted to pop on over to share a couple of activities that my students made last week.

A Summer to Tweet About
Usually the kids make a gigantic summer sandwich about their summers.  This year we had to hit the pavement with everything we HAVE to do, so I decided to shorten up the summer story.  A Summer to Tweet About came from Where the Wild Things Learn.  There was an art project included, but we literally ran out of time - so the kids got to choose an owl dicut instead.  That alone was motivation to keep going.  Before they got to write the final draft, they had to Rainbow Edit their rough drafts, and show me for a mini conference.

In Math, we took 30 minutes to create Math All About Me pages.  Each student received a piece of construction paper and divided their sheet into at least 10 sections.  We brainstormed different things in our lives that have numbers - siblings, age, house number, phone number, known language, birthday, etc... and they filled it in. Fun activity that was interesting to see what they came up with.
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Remember about the BIG SALE tomorrow over on TPT.   I'm so excited!!

August 17, 2014

Second Chance Sale {Giveaway}

What?!? Another chance to shop over on TPT?  Did you hear the news?  Teachers Pay Teachers is having an ONE DAY ONLY SALE this coming Wednesday to pick up anything you may have forgotten about during the big sale a couple of weeks ago.  Most sellers will be putting their stores at a 20% discount (myself included), and then TPT will take an additional 10% off with the code BOOST. 

Needless to say, I will be shopping again.  :)

Last time, I picked up the Close Reading Concept Posters from Runde's Room.  I love how these are set up and easy for kids to navigate by themselves.  I can't wait to use them during my ELA rotations.

As for my own wish list, I would really like to pick up The Book of Awesome Tasks - brain breaks, indoor recess, or fast finishers from Nicholas Reitz.  There are 48 different tasks included, and I would love to have something easy to go - especially that could be used during Friday PAT and rainy days.  

As for my own store - so many people have been picking up my Whole Class Writing Journal Bundle lately.  It contains directions and 40 covers that are just attached to a notebook - an easy print and glue task.  Students write in the books, writing about a specific topic, and then they can read each other's entries.  I've found these notebooks help develop relationships in the classroom as the kids are learning about each other.  In my own classroom the kids are able to write in them during Work on Writing time and when they finish their weekly writing assignments.  It's a fast finisher tool that I LOVE.  

The sale won't start until Wednesday, but I would love to give away 2 of my Writing Bundles before then.  Just leave a comment below with your email, and I will choose 2 winners Tuesday evening.  :)

What's on your wish list?  See other links over at Jivey's blog!