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August 10, 2014

Super Sunday Sale - Whole Year Math Pack

Whole Year Math Task Cards and Activities {22 Products - I

I was planning for these next couple of weeks, and am feeling pretty thankful for my Math Pack and all the activities that are ready to go for this year.  I decided to do a ONE DAY ONLY sale and drop the price to $35 ($17.80 off).  I'm starting Math Workshop on Tuesday, and many of these task cards go automatically into the Hands On center.

Products included:

Why do I love task cards?  I use them so many ways!

*Whole Class Scoot Game - Everyone has a card on their desk and they have one minute to solve the problem before they "scoot" to a new desk.  It's fun review!

*Math Workshop Rotation - I stick a set of review cards (something we have already learned) into the bucket, when students are at that station they complete the cards and review skills.  

*Small Group Intervention - I pull kids over to work with them on skills we are learning right now.  It gets us out of the math textbook.

*Whole Class Lessons - I use the cards whole class as my examples for them to solve.

*Morning Math - I use the cards in our Morning Math Meeting pocket chart for kids to solve.  

*One on one parent intervention - Struggling students work the problems with my parent helpers during intervention time.  

*Enrichment - I use them to give a sneak peek to kids that have already mastered our current topic.

I really love task cards and I hope this deal helps you today!

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