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March 27, 2015

Figurative Language Folder {Freebie}

A couple of weeks ago we read McBroom and the Big Wind.  It's a fun book filled with figurative language.  I had this freebie, but instead of just keeping it as a sheet of paper, I decided to have the kids turn it into a fun folder.  There is something exciting when a normal worksheet turns into an art project - it's so much more engaging!

Now in the story the kids are blown into the air, so the kids cut out the different types of figurative language and turned them into McBroom's children.  They wrote examples of each type, and then decorated the folders.  It was rewarding to see them grasp the concepts.  

Figurative Language Mini Book

Do you read any McBroom stories?  I hope this helps you!

March 25, 2015

Pattern Block Drawing - Quadrilateral Review

Last week we were in full geometry mode.  We were reviewing triangles, angles, symmetry, and of course quadrilaterals/parallelograms.  I decided to let them draw using the pattern blocks.  I only gave them 10 minutes to create these drawings, and then they had to identify just the quadrilaterals by coloring them in.  Wanted to share a few that I was so impressed with.  

Yes, I know the triangle isn't a quadrilateral, but the kid got a little carried away.. wouldn't we all with a picture of a duck?  

This was the first year I let the kids use the pattern blocks to draw and I was so impressed with their creativity.  Now my class has been in full spring fever mode, but maybe it's because I've been trying to make all the lessons extra fun that the kids really haven't started driving me nuts.  :)  It's the little things people!  

I hope you had a great day!

March 23, 2015

Testing Time - Little Brainiacs

We have started getting into Test Mode.  Reviewing everything, including strategies to help us do our best on the upcoming tests.  I found these adorable FREE heads over on TPT from Twinkl Printable Resources, and decided to have my kids create their own little brainiacs to help them remember the key things.  

My kids helped me brainstorm some important things to remember during a test - Reread directions, Pay attention, Take our time, get a good night's sleep, etc..  Then I passed out a piece of construction paper (I chose yellow because that's what I had a lot of to make it pop on the wall - able to see their writing and drawing), and then a half size girl or boy head.  The download has a lot of options, I just chose one girl and one boy that I made copies of.  

After they decorated their head to resemble themselves, I had them cut it out, and then glue it on the middle of the paper.  They then added a t-shirt below and wrote a positive message (I can do it, Believe in yourself, Don't give up, etc).  

Here's what my board looked like... 

Here are some of their creations.  All these little brainiacs are staring at us from the wall.

I hope this helps you!  The kids loved it, and it was a good review of what is important.

March 21, 2015

Alphabet Symmetry Challenge Freebie

Yesterday we wrapped up symmetry, and I decided to surprise my students with a challenge.  They ALWAYS jump at a chance for a challenge (sometimes I don't get it, but they do).  Anyway, I wrote Symmetry Challenge on the board, and that got their attention.  Then I went over the directions:  They could either work independently (since some of them really crave that alone time) or with a partner.  They needed to look at the capital letters, and from there decide if it had a line of symmetry, or if it didn't.  

They used our big alphabet cards from our OCR adoption, and I wrote them on the board as well.  I had them use whiteboards to complete, though some of the kids needed to physically fold a paper to understand the concept.   

I only gave them 10 minutes to attack this challenge, and then we went over it full class, them telling me yes or no, and if the lines of symmetry were horizontal or vertical.

I started thinking more about it, this was the first year I ever thought of using the alphabet for symmetry - and I've been teaching for 15 years!  Don't know why, usually we stick with pictures...  

So I made up a little freebie for your own challenge.  I'm printing off a couple of sheets and putting them back to back in sheet protectors so the kids can draw the lines on them with dry erase markers.  My Monday mom will pull the kids that needed a little extra help.  
I hope it helps you!

March 19, 2015

Triangle Flower Math Art FREEBIE

Yesterday my kiddos finally reached our triangle lesson.  We did the math lesson from the text, but then I wanted to spice up a little assessment (so I could tell who still needs some help with the concept).  I pulled out construction paper and they got to work.

The purple sheets above are actually half size paper, then I passed out a little strip of green construction paper for the stem.  They glued it on, and then starting cutting up a 1/6 pink piece of construction paper to create 7 triangles.  They had to label the triangles, and then could glue on the petals to the top of the stem.  

Now, this time of year it's amazing that I still have construction paper, so I made up a free version for those of us out there that are lacking.

I hope that this can help you!

March 17, 2015

It's Your LUCKY Day!

It is your LUCKY day!  Everything (including BUNDLES) has been marked down 20% in my TPT store!  Snatch up those things on your wish list before the clock strikes midnight!

Have a magical day!

March 13, 2015

Lucky You! Blog Hop with FREEBIES!

I feel so lucky to be a teacher and a blogger.  I really am... I don't have to tell you, it's worth every moment of sweat and tears when the kids smile and I see the lightbulb go on.  It's also so rewarding to be able to share it with you out there in Blogland.

Today I'm joining a bunch of Upper Elementary Bloggers in a Blog Hop to give out some March Themed Freebies.  Teachers love freebies, and I hope you love what I'm giving away.  

This past weekend I uploaded a brand new freebie over on TPT.  It's a collection of my favorite things, and things that I can't live without! :)  Rainbow Edit and Writing Paper, Whole Class Writing Journals, Monthly Color by Grammar, and some March Themed Math Review Sheets... everything that my own students need to practice as we get ready for the big test!

I hope it helps you!  Now hop on over to Mrs. Beers' Language Arts Class for your next freebie!

March 12, 2015

New Medical Freebie!

I uploaded a new freebie last night.  Maybe it can help someone.  :)  

Our curriculum has a medical unit, so I made these writing pages up for my kids to brainstorm and write pros and cons regarding medication, vaccinations, and doctor's appointments.  There are also sheets for students to write job descriptions for surgeons, nurses, and doctors.  

Hope you have a good night!  

March 11, 2015

Figurative Language Review

We've been reviewing Figurative Language a lot lately!  The other day we played a Scoot game with my task cards.  Just a little thing that I do, but I always pass out the task cards by student number... mainly to keep kids responsible, but also to know who has each card.

After we reviewed it altogether, I gave kids the option between rainbows and flowers to write down their own examples.  I printed them off half size, and now I have a class set for next year.  

The kids wrote down their own examples (good assessment tool), and then we put them up on our "Figurative Language Garden".  

The idioms came from The Peanut Gallery. What a smart idea! 

Here are some examples:

Love it!  How do you practice figurative language in class?

March 9, 2015

Math Art: Zoo Maps

My kids get so happy when I tell them to clear off their desks for art time, and when it comes during  math, they REALLY get excited.  Anything out of the ordinary gets them jumping for joy.  This past week we wrapped up Perimeter & Area, so it was time to do a review before we move onto Geometry.  

I passed out my Zoo Pack (I use the numbered rectangles with my class vs. the blank copy), and they got to work determining area and perimeter of the 6 shapes.  When they were done, they had to get it checked off from me (assessment tool), and then they picked up a yellow piece of construction paper (12 x 18) to create this real life problem solving art project.

I used to not use construction paper with this project and it was a much smaller deal, the kids still had to design after they solved P & A, but the kids get so into planning out their personalized zoo.  With the larger paper they can arrange the pieces, add additional elements, and really make it their own.  

First up I have them glue down their enclosures/pens, and then comes the fun part.  They each have a 1/2 sheet of animals that they can pick and choose from.  I let them draw their own animals too if they want, but most kids love to pick and choose.  I put up some things to think about on the board.  Where's the entrance?  Do they have a hospital, cafe, or gift shop?  Lots of stuff to think about...

I always create my own as well.  This project can easily take over 90 minutes to complete from beginning to end, but it's so worth it! 

I love projects that combine so much!

Here's the TPT information if you want to take a peek:

Zoo Maps: Review Perimeter and Area

Have a wonderful day!