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July 27, 2014

Welcome Door Sign

I saw this Welcome phrase over on Pinterest and knew I had to have it in my classroom.  I tried writing it out on anchor chart paper, but then I decided to go designing it on the computer.  Yes, I know that the E and L are both 2 shades of yellow/orange, but that's the colored alphabet clip art that I own.  :)  If you want a copy of it, it's over on Google Docs

My idea was to make it into a big poster through Costco or Staples (and that might still happen), to hang on the inside part of my door - surrounded by my student names.  I uploaded it over and over, only the border kept getting cropped.  I went back to resize the photo, and that helped with the resolution, but not the cropping.  Any ideas?  At present I have it printed on paper, and ready for lamination.

I hope you have a wonderful day.  My 2 older boys are heading out to church camp for an entire week starting tomorrow morning, and I'm already missing them.  Of course this next week brings setting up my classroom - which I absolutely love to do.  I just wish meetings didn't start so soon.

Oh well... I hope this little poster helps you.  


  1. I really like this poster. It would be the perfect reminder for students when they are working in groups. Thanks for sharing!
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