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July 26, 2014

Using Library Pockets

A couple of weeks ago I found 2 packages of these paper library pockets over at Joanne Fabrics on clearance.  I have never stuck them inside books, but wanted to change up some random things with them this year. 

Did you know that Dollar Tree carries display boards?  I picked one up the other day, and added the pockets, some class numbers, and washi tape to the board.  I like to use display boards with bulletin boards that don't have to be out every single moment of the week.  It's nice to be able to fold them up when needed.  

This board is going to be for Book Check Out and Reviews.  Kids are going to keep index cards in the pockets with a running list of the books they are reading from our classroom library.  It will be handy for reading conferences too.  I'm also thinking of having them do book reviews on index cards too to stick inside the pockets.  After a while these will be hole punched and made into a flip book.      

The rest of the library pockets I decided to use to change up my helpers board.  In past years I've always used a pocket chart with dicuts to keep things organized.  I'm ready for a change though, so I decided to just staple these up on the wall, and will use the owl popsicle sticks inside them.

Do you use library pockets?  Tell me how.

Hope you have a great day! 

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