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July 20, 2014

We Missed You! {Freebie}

It's a rare day in my classroom that every single child is present.  Sad, right?  I plan all these lessons to get them from point A to point Z, and when they aren't there they will still have to learn the material later on.

So when I started teaching I would make a little pile on their desks, have their neighbor pull out a piece of binder paper, and write down what they need to do.... then after school I realize that two of the papers have flown onto the ground where they have been crinkled, and that the neighbor wrote page numbers, but forgot to write which subject... so I ended up having to redo everything after all.

Enter an easier way to keep things organized.  

This freebie contains folder covers to stick on those plain cheap folders.  When someone is absent,  I put a folder on that person's desk.  Then papers are passed out, and their neighbor nicely sticks it INSIDE the folder.  

When a page is written on the board, their neighbor writes the information on the graphic organizer.  It makes it easy and quick for those class helpers to actually help.  After school I look over the assignment sheet, add any extra notes, and paperclip it to the pile of paperwork inside the folder.  Students in my class know they need to return any missing work one full day after they return back to school.  When they come back to school, they just take the paper clipped packet out of the folder, and put it inside their homework folder to bring home to work on.  The paper folders stay at school for the next batch of kids that are absent.   

The papers come in both black & white, as well as in color.  I printed off the color version of the color, with 4 per sheet.  Just a small way to decorate the folder.  The graphic sheet, I print off the black and white ones, half size and make a lot of copies at a time.  These are then stuck in a basket with the folders.

Hope this helps someone!     


  1. I need to try this! I had so much trouble keeping up with make up work this year, especially with two classes! Thanks for sharing this!

    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. Thank you so much for the freebie! This is a great way to keep my little absent kiddos organized!


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