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March 9, 2015

Math Art: Zoo Maps

My kids get so happy when I tell them to clear off their desks for art time, and when it comes during  math, they REALLY get excited.  Anything out of the ordinary gets them jumping for joy.  This past week we wrapped up Perimeter & Area, so it was time to do a review before we move onto Geometry.  

I passed out my Zoo Pack (I use the numbered rectangles with my class vs. the blank copy), and they got to work determining area and perimeter of the 6 shapes.  When they were done, they had to get it checked off from me (assessment tool), and then they picked up a yellow piece of construction paper (12 x 18) to create this real life problem solving art project.

I used to not use construction paper with this project and it was a much smaller deal, the kids still had to design after they solved P & A, but the kids get so into planning out their personalized zoo.  With the larger paper they can arrange the pieces, add additional elements, and really make it their own.  

First up I have them glue down their enclosures/pens, and then comes the fun part.  They each have a 1/2 sheet of animals that they can pick and choose from.  I let them draw their own animals too if they want, but most kids love to pick and choose.  I put up some things to think about on the board.  Where's the entrance?  Do they have a hospital, cafe, or gift shop?  Lots of stuff to think about...

I always create my own as well.  This project can easily take over 90 minutes to complete from beginning to end, but it's so worth it! 

I love projects that combine so much!

Here's the TPT information if you want to take a peek:

Zoo Maps: Review Perimeter and Area

Have a wonderful day!

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