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March 21, 2015

Alphabet Symmetry Challenge Freebie

Yesterday we wrapped up symmetry, and I decided to surprise my students with a challenge.  They ALWAYS jump at a chance for a challenge (sometimes I don't get it, but they do).  Anyway, I wrote Symmetry Challenge on the board, and that got their attention.  Then I went over the directions:  They could either work independently (since some of them really crave that alone time) or with a partner.  They needed to look at the capital letters, and from there decide if it had a line of symmetry, or if it didn't.  

They used our big alphabet cards from our OCR adoption, and I wrote them on the board as well.  I had them use whiteboards to complete, though some of the kids needed to physically fold a paper to understand the concept.   

I only gave them 10 minutes to attack this challenge, and then we went over it full class, them telling me yes or no, and if the lines of symmetry were horizontal or vertical.

I started thinking more about it, this was the first year I ever thought of using the alphabet for symmetry - and I've been teaching for 15 years!  Don't know why, usually we stick with pictures...  

So I made up a little freebie for your own challenge.  I'm printing off a couple of sheets and putting them back to back in sheet protectors so the kids can draw the lines on them with dry erase markers.  My Monday mom will pull the kids that needed a little extra help.  
I hope it helps you!

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