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October 26, 2015

The Best Sharpener on the Planet!

I know I've shared before, but I have a love obsession with Classroom Friendly Supplies' Pencil Sharpeners.  

 I already own 3 blue and 1 green version, but I couldn't resist testing out their new PURPLE version too!

I LOVE them for many reasons... 

1.  They are QUIET.
2.  They sharpen pencils QUICKLY.
3.  They can be MOVED around the classroom (I let kids take them to their desks).
4.  They produce sharp points that don't automatically break.
5.  They are EASY to use.  
6. It's been years, and they STILL work!

They come with a metal clamp to hold it down to the table, but since I like them to be movable I teach my students to hold them down with their hand.  It's easy to pull out the pencil grip (don't know if it's the correct terminology, but I'm going with it), and that holds the pencil in place as the kids are sharpening.   

As the pencil is sharpened the metal "grip" is pulled toward the base.  The shavings are caught in an easy to empty bin at the base of the sharpener.  Did I mention that they LAST?!! Yep!  All 4 of my "old" sharpeners are still going strong (while I used to have to replace my electric sharpener at least once a year).  

Why did I buy so many of them if they keep working?  I didn't want a line of kids waiting to sharpen their pencils.  You know how it is... one kid asks if they can sharpen, and then a bunch of other kids also need to spruce up their own pencils.  I was also able to get a discount when I bought multiple sharpeners at a time.  :) 

(Hope my video works! If not, I'll be posting it to IG.)

Check out the sharpeners @ Classroom Friendly Supplies

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