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June 23, 2016

Subject Pencils {Freebie}

Yesterday morning I was playing around with my Silhouette and decided to use those Dollar Spot wood pencils as subject labels for my bulletin boards. I love how they came out.  The pencils come as a banner, but it was super easy to just slide out the ribbon and create individual ones instead.  

Some Silhouette settings if you want to do this yourself:
Font - KG Always a Good Time 
Size: 114 font (Read, Write, Math) a little smaller for Social Studies and Science
*Weld the font together so you don't have tons of little cuts
I used cardstock and attached with adhesive, but you could also use vinyl. 
The wood pieces are 5" x 8", so make sure your titles are a little under 5" before you cut.  

Target Teachers on IG shared the above image yesterday and that made my day.  There were some comments that others wished they could have this too, so I made a paper version.  Hope it helps.  It's over on Google Docs.  The pencil size is the same as the wood ones.    

Have a fabulous day!  I'm now off to take the kids to Finding Dory.  :)  

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