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May 30, 2014

It's Summer - and My Garage is FULL!

It's finally summer vacation.  My room is cleaned up, everything put away for the next 2 months.  I'm sure I have forgotten something in my cupboards that I will eventually wish I brought home.  Do you have access to your room over the summer?  We don't.  My little metal portable turns into an oven though, so maybe it's better that I'm not allowed to go in...  In my past districts I was in my room a lot over break, not being allowed to really does force me to relax.  

I did bring a couple of car loads of stuff though (broken up over the past week)... here's what's presently in my garage or sitting behind my dining room table:  

*Teacher Editions - I know what I'm teaching, but I still feel better if they are close at hand.
*Laminating Machine, sleeves, things to laminate, and things that are already done - just need student names.  I already had my home laminator, but for all the summer prep I like having both handy so it can go faster.

*Ear Buds to clean (didn't happen at school)
*My notebooks (Math Notes, Reading Vocabulary, Social Studies, Science, Language) - I always make a notebook with the kids.  This year I want to go through and type some of the notes so that I'm more ready for next year.  Maybe it will turn into a powerpoint that I can use to help walk my kids through the different pages next year, or maybe it will be for those slow workers that sometimes need a writing break.  I mainly want next year to go even smoother.   
*Binders - This past year I printed and prepped as I went along for my interactive notebooks.  This summer the plan is to have everything copied, and then the masters (and the printed sheets) to be in a big binder with sheet protectors.  I printed the copies half size, so when cut they will easily slide into the protectors.  I also am going to have a binder of just reading graphic organizers - everything I've created or bought all in one place for easy copying.  I really wish I would have thought of that years ago!  

*BTSN and First Week Papers - I probably could have left them at school, but then I won't remember that they are already copied.  I brought home a crate that eventually I'll fill with other class sets of papers for the beginning of the school year.  
*HW folders - I tried to get them all prepped this week, but I didn't finish.  My wonderful future teachers put in the sheet protectors yesterday, but there was NO TIME for me to slide in the papers.  This year we put in 4 protectors for double sided papers: CCSS I Can ELA/MATH Standards, Multiplication/Division Fact Practice, Monthly Reading Log/Spelling HW Menu, Multiplication Chart/Cursive Alphabet.   
*Sharpies, Popsicle Sticks, Sheet Protectors, and Dicuts - Every year I almost forget them, and every year I'm always itching to get some random projects done.
*Anchor Chart Paper - I brought home one pack so I can start to prep the beginning of year ones.

I want to thank my fans over on IG and FB.  I was reminded about the anchor chart paper this morning!  

Hope you had a great day!  I think we are going out for dinner in a little bit, my students spoiled me with gift cards. :)  


  1. Oh no....I think I would die if I couldn't get in my room. I'm there all the time. I may have a problem.


  2. I will be moving in to a portable classroom next year. Any advice? I'd love to know more about your experience in a portable!

  3. My goal this summer is to do some beginning of the year prep work so that I am not in full panic mode in September! It looks like you've got your work cut out for you this summer. Good luck, it will feel so good to go into the year with all of that done!
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