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August 1, 2014

Happy Teacher + Sale = Me {Giveaway}


What a day!  What a week!  I'm linking up with Doodlebugs to share what's up with me!  

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They let me loose in my classroom.  It's been a hot 2 mornings.  

Day 1 was spent dealing with furniture and unpacking my cabinets.  It always gets me how I can't remember where I put things a short 2 months ago.
Day 2 was spent putting up 5 of my bulletin boards.  I need to tackle the rest of it today.

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Here's my store link in case you want to take a peek.  :)  Everything - including my bundles - will be on sale this coming Monday and Tuesday.    

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I wanted to share 2 main wish listed items from my store.

My Whole Class Writing Journals are the most wish listed items in my store.  I love them because it's easy prep, but student relationship grow so much in my classroom using them.  Never heard of Whole Class Writing Journals?  These covers are placed on top of spiral or composition books (print and glue), and then students write in them, staying on topic.  During silent reading time, students then get a chance to read the journals and learn about their classmates.  I have them in baskets that students can choose from as an early finisher activity or during Work on Writing.  By the end of the year every student has responded to the journals, and it's a wonderful collection of student thoughts, etc.   

My 2nd Wishlisted item is my Whole Year of Math Task Cards and Activities geared for 3-5th grade.  There are 22 products included in one easy download. 

Included are my:
Apple Addition and Subtraction Task Cards
Algebraic Equations - Dog
Comparing Numbers - Racing Theme
Delicious Decimals - Carnival Food
Football Long Division
Fraction (Identify) - Frog
Fractions (Add/Subtract) - Frog
Geometry Task Cards
Multiplication and Division Review - Hearts/Valentines
Long Division - Robot
Mid Year Math Review - Penguin
Mode and Median - Hearts/Valentines
Multiplication 3 digit x 2 digit - Robot 
Operation Equations (Add, Subtract, Parenthesis) - Ant/Picnic Theme
Order of Operations - Ant/Picnic Theme
Popsicle Place Value - to Hundred Millions
Multiplication 2 digit x 2 digit - Robot
Rounding to Hundred Thousands - Rabbits
Shopping Spree - Add and Subtract Decimals/Food
Super Hero Multiplication Fact Boards
Super Hero Multiplication Flash Cards
Zoo Maps - Area and Perimeter

You all know how much I love task cards - I use them all the time!!  Both these bundles will also be discounted an additional 20% in my store.  Great deals!
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What I'm looking forward to buying are:

So excited to try out these products this next year!

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Okay - Here's the giveaway part.  My Best Blogging Buddies in the entire world have come together to give out THREE $25 TPT gift cards.  Just make sure to enter by Sunday evening EST.  The gift cards will be emailed out on Monday morning.  

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  1. You are ready for the sale! I also can't wait to jump in and clear out my wish list. You've been super busy, but I love your BBs.


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