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February 20, 2016

My Students LOVE our Bouncy Bands!

Over Winter Break I had two Bouncy Bands delivered to my doorstep.  Since my own son was diagnosed with ADHD, I've been on the look out for tools that would help my students as well...  I was so excited to try the bands too!  Anyhow, the two bands were delivered and then I realized I had a huge problem! Every single person in my class wanted to be the first one to use them.  I couldn't just give them to the kids that have ADHD (and there are many in my class), I needed to let everyone try them.  So I started a rotation... and now all 32 of my students have had a chance.  

They LOVE them.  They say they are comfortable, my fidgeters aren't fidgeting as much, and we are able to tackle our standards.  The kids that tend to get up a lot (to get a tissue, sharpen their pencil, throw away trash, etc) are able to sit longer when it was their turn to use the bands.  I'm impressed. 

The bands come with 2 heavy plastic tubes that slip onto the front desk legs.  Before you slip them on, you loop the extra thick rubber band onto the tubes (there's an indentation to keep the band in the perfect place).  Sliding the tubes onto the desk wasn't hard, what was difficult was having to lay down the students' full desks (without tipping all their supplies out).   That first switch the kids tried to "help" by tipping their desks forward thinking that I could easily slide them on and off, which made all their supplies go flying.  It was a lesson on common sense.  :)   That's only an issue because I only have two of these beauties and wanted to be fair.  

Of course I got the brainstorm (after the fact) that I should have created 2 VIP desks where the bands stay put and the kids have the special throne for the day.  That's what I'm trying this next round.  Two extra desks that are equipped with the bouncy bands and a tub of supplies that they won't have to share for their special day.   I really want to also create a Donors Choose project to get more of these into my classroom (a class set would be ideal).   

I checked out the Bouncy Bands website and found they have a Donors Choose Sample Page that will make it really easy & fast to upload the project.  That's on my to do list.

On their website I also found this data, which confirmed what I found in my own classroom.  

It's an absolutely wonderful product, and I'm so glad that I learned about them.  Anyone have a class set?  You know what I'm talking about!

Bouncy Bands   

Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. I have a class set of bouncy bands! They have made a huge difference for all of my students! I highly recommend these bands for all elementary classrooms!

  2. I have them on my rectangular guided reading table. They are a favorite spot for kids to sit.

  3. Thanks for writing this informative aritcle.


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