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August 15, 2013

2 + 1 = Back to School TPT Sale!

Hi everyone! What a week it has been. A wonderfully wonderful week! I love my new class. They are kind, hard workers, and so far no issues. We've been having a lot of fun learning about each other and starting our routines this past week.

Now I know I've started school already, but I am so excited about the gigantic TPT sale that's scheduled for this coming Sunday and Monday.  My store will be 20% off, plus then you get to tack on an additional discount from TPT! I'm linking up with some fabulous intermediate bloggers to share my top 2 wish listed items from my store, and the 1 thing I really can't wait to use. 

In my classroom I love to give kids opportunities to write about their interests. I know, a duh sentence. Well, these journals have worked so well for me the past couple of years. Students choose what journal they want to write a paragraph or two in, and then later on they can read other students' responses. My starter set includes 15 covers. I also have a 6 cover math set for word problems, and an additional 6 cover set for more options (available over on Facebook as a Fan Freebie).  My goal is to eventually have at least 32 journals so each student can take one home at the end of the year. I'm getting there.

I cannot tell you how much writing, specifically editing & revising, has become enjoyable for my students (and myself) since I started using a color system. Basically after a rough draft the kids go through their writing, underlining and circling the different parts in different colors. They notice and color their indents, capitals, end punctuation, adjectives/details, and spelling. They underline their topic sentence and pay attention to key words. This has transferred to our district and state writing, they are able to make sure every sentence should be colorful. It works!

Common Core Weekly Reading Homework: 3rd-4th-5th Grade {Co

Common Core Weekly Reading Homework - I've been waiting forever for this... My plan is to take them, make 8 copies of each reading selection, and stick them as a weekly activity in my reading centers for additional comprehension practice.  

Join us by linking up with 2 of the top wish-listed products in your store and 1 product on your wish-list you just have to purchase! *If you're not a blogger or TPTer, still feel free to comment with your most wish-listed item!


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