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August 21, 2013

Pictures from our day - MATH Rotations and Read to Someone

I love my class.  I can say that and really mean it.  We are totally still in the honeymoon phase and I am eating it up.  

They have been keeping me busy, so I'm sorry I haven't been as constant on here, FB, TPT, Instagram, etc...  I am so drained every afternoon.  Hopefully soon I will start to not feel like I'm drowning under paperwork.  

So - yesterday I got my brand new classroom iPad.  I love it!  I forgot my phone at home today - and decided to try out the iPad camera to see if I could capture a couple of activities of our day.
This was my teacher group at that moment in time.  Since they got the concept fast they got an extra time to do the task cards.
Our Math rotations are so wonderful this year.  Maybe it's because I took the lesson part and included it into the rotation (last year I did the lesson full class and then they had the rotations when I did intervention) - but I love working with smaller groups during this time.  Today's lesson was about comparing numbers - so I forgot about the textbook and just used my Comparing Numbers task card set - I have the kids grouped by ability at the moment.

Here was the breakdown - it spells MATH:
*Math Facts - they had the choice of activities from the math fact plastic drawers.  This was the first day I gave them a choice and they ate it up!
*At their seats - I've been having them do the front side of the worksheet for the next day's lesson.  I then can change out my groups based on their understandings of what's to come.
*Teacher Time - Today I used my task cards, but we've also been using our whiteboards and textbooks.
*Hands On - This week I've been adding different place value activities for the kids to complete - we've tackled my Popsicle Place Value and Match Game.  Funny/not funny story - I laminated my cards, and just put them out, completely forgetting that the match ones needed to be cut apart.  Whoops!  I had some eager beaver helpers more than happy to help me cut at the last minute.    
This was the math fact station.

After math we tackle Reading.  Today was the first time I introduced Read to Someone - complete with the comprehension checkmarks.  I was so proud of them for showing proper technique.  Here are some of my kiddos.

Sharing a chair.  

We've been doing so much lately - introducing Interactive Notebooks this week, etc.  I'll try to take more pictures tomorrow.  Just mainly wanted you to know I didn't fall off the planet (again). 


  1. I love you math stations idea. We have a new math series and I'm trying to figure out how to do my stations.Perfect

  2. I'm going to do the MATH this year too! It will be my first time. Congrats on having such a great group. :)
    Grade 4 Buzz


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