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September 9, 2014

California Teachers - FREE Science and Social Studies Materials!

This year has been a struggle with Science and Social Studies.  The big thing is that the kids aren't allowed to write in their workbooks anymore since the adoption is up.  Of course I still need to teach the standards, so when a teacher friend shared this with me, I was so excited!  These are free teacher and student materials that allow you to go deeper with the curriculum.   

First up, head to this website - California Education and Environment Initiative 

It looks like above.  From there - before you can order materials, you have to be trained on how to use it.  Click on the "Get Trained" tab near the top.    

It will look like this.  They have, or used to have in person and live trainings, but you want the one that says "Watch Recordings of Past Webinars".  Depending on your grade it could be super short, or a little longer.  If you do it at home, you can definitely multi-task.  It explains how the curriculum works.     

After you click the Watch Recordings, it will take you to the grade specific screen.

Yes, they have material through high school.  My 4th grade one was about the Gold Rush.  

From there, after the training, you need to email and tell them that you watched their webinar (give specifics as to what webinar you watched) and that you would like materials.  They email you right back with an order form.

I did my initial order form on Labor Day and had my materials 4 days later on Friday.  Quick turnaround!

Inside my big box was everything needed to go in depth with both Regions and Native Californians.  They sent student workbooks - separate ones for Regions and another one for Native Californians, dictionaries, posters of CA Regions and Tribes, Vocabulary Cards, Word Cards, and a bunch of teacher materials too.   We covered Regions yesterday and today using the materials, and are set to work on Native Californians when we get there in 2 weeks.

They also have a bunch of science options.  Since I could only order one set at a time, I just went on and completed the quick survey so I could order an Ecosystem set as well.  These are all based and created on the new CA standards.  

I hope this helps you!  


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I will definitely be using especially since the Native American unit is coming up! Here is a website I found for science: I have enjoyed it so far!

    1. Thanks for sharing this site! It is new to me and looks awesome!

  2. Thanks! Great resource, one that I look forward to using!


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