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September 4, 2014

Simplifying Data and Awards

Last year I had way too much going on.  It did feel like Pinterest and Blogville blew up in my classroom.  So this year I decided to keep the stuff that worked, and whittle it down to maintain my sanity.  

Going into this year I wanted to have a Data Wall.  It was important to me to be able to work together on our goals as a class.  So I have a small board that has everything we need - standards, class average graphs, tree for things we've done this year, etc.  The board has changed over the past 3 weeks though.  

Last year my students used award necklaces to keep track of their accomplishments, this year I didn't buy necklaces, and I haven't passed these new things out to my kids.  Instead, each student has a binder ring on our data wall that they will update with their award cards.  

We have also gotten into a routine of updating our board.  When I'm done grading, I pass out the graded tests to the students.  Their binders have a divider for each subject, and a piece of binder paper where they write the test, date, and their score.  Then the test goes in their homework folder for their parents to see, and the binder goes back into their desk tubs.  I then update the board with our class averages.  It's working so smoothly so far! 

What do you do for data?  Hope you had a great day!  

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