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October 17, 2014

Explorer Books are DONE

The first major nonfiction multi-paragraph writing for my class are for their Explorer books.  We learn about the different men and they take notes in their notebooks.  We compare them, we tell all the fun details of their lives (and write timelines), and they write interesting paragraphs about them - full of details.  Then I do guided draws on the board with the men's portraits.  I'm not an artist, but the kids make me feel like I am.  :)    

We draw the coast of CA and map out the men's voyages.  To finish it up they have to write up a Table of Contents and put it into a folded piece of construction paper as their Explorer books.  

Here's the inside:
1.  Table of Contents

2. Map of CA with voyages

3.  Juan Cabrillo's portrait
4.  Juan Cabrillo's paragraph

5. Sir Francis Drake's portrait
6.  Sir Francis Drake's paragraph

7.  Sebastian Vizcaino's portrait
8.  Sebastain Vizcaino's paragraph

Do you study Explorers?  It's always a fun time of year!

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