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December 4, 2014

Rainbow Edit in Action

By this point in the year I can really tell the kids are "getting" editing their rough drafts.  I know they are paying attention to all those conventions, mainly because their paragraphs are full of color.  I wanted to share a student example with you.

Since the 2nd week of school we have been working with paying attention to the different details in our paragraphs.  First trimester (because it's only 9 weeks long), I have the kids focus on writing one solid paragraph for each of their writing pieces.  I know 1 paragraph doesn't seem like much, but the kids are constantly writing on a daily basis in all subjects, so 1 paragraph they can tackle at a time (and it won't take them forever since they also have to reread it and color it).  

Now in 2nd trimester they have moved onto multi paragraph essays, and they are doing good with it.  We don't always get past the editing/revising stage, but I have seen this group come so far as writers.

Want to check it out?  Here's my Rainbow Editing Pack!
 Rainbow Edit Writing Process

Hope you had a great day yesterday!

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  1. I've never heard of the rainbow edit. It looks interesting!


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