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December 28, 2015

Sugar Cube Missions

That day before break, I once again had my students create Sugar Cube Missions.  It's pretty simple to create and it doesn't give me a headache.  :)  I should explain that the last day before break it's basically a full day party in our PJs.  

Here's our schedule:
Before PE/Recess: Correct HW, Listen to the choir singing, open presents (so I can write thank you notes during the movie), start watching the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

Between Recess and Lunch: Play a Book Swap game (like the White Elephant game) - students bring in a book and then we pick numbers, choose books, and swap when needed.  It's fun and totally optional.  We also watched the rest of the movie and had hot chocolate (in the crockpot) with popcorn cups.

After Lunch: Friend Friday Reading (partner reading), Sugar Cube Missions, clean up/pack up, Fun Friday with the grade level.  

See - an easy fun day!  

Families were asked to bring in sugar cubes and white frosting.  I picked up a couple of lasagna boxes (for the roofs), spice drops (for bells), and then pulled out our candy box and grabbed other options (peppermint candies, smarties).  The leftover marshmallows from our hot chocolate that morning also were pulled out for use.  Each student was given a heavy duty paper plate, and they went to work creating their mission. 

Now why do I do missions, instead of gingerbread houses?  Because we have been knee deep in learning about them. We learned about how the Spanish built them, and all the disasters that have occurred.   

This year it wasn't raining (Praise God!), so we completed the creating outside.  One long piece of butcher paper kept everything neat and tidy.  Super easy to just roll up the paper afterward to throw away.  When done the students had the option of doing an "Earthquake Challenge".  They had to walk to the far building and back while carrying their creations.  If they didn't fall apart then they were deemed earthquake proof.  When we do this inside the challenge is to maneuver through the desks in an obstacle course.  It's fun and an easy way to see who will be able to carry them home at the end of the day.  

How did you celebrate winter break with your students?  

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