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April 24, 2016

Earth Day Agamographs

I don't know why Earth Day always ends up being a week of art projects, but I absolutely love it.  Art with Jenny K. created the base of this Agamograph.  I did this last year too, and what a project it is.  The kids ohh and ahh over it, it really makes an impact.  Then Open House always falls soon after, and when parents walk in, they always do the moon walk to look from both angles.  It's that cool.   

Here's how I tweaked it to work even easier in my classroom.  

The picture itself is on 2 pages.  Last year I had a copy budget issue - I didn't have enough paper or money by this time of year to have a 2 page project, so I shrunk it down to be 2 pages per sheet.  The sheets are lined up horizontally on the paper, and then I added specific steps below it so I didn't have to hover over all 32 students at exactly the same moment...

1.  Color (I put this near her color code.)
2.  Cut top and bottom of sheets to form a long, thin colored sheet, then cut the middle of the sheet (where it was extra because of the 2 pages per sheet).
3. Glue the 2 pieces together.
4.  Fold like a fan.
5.  Glue onto the paper.  

I love how it turns out.  How did you celebrate Earth Day?  

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