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April 26, 2016

Figurative Language Flowers

Has your room went Figurative Language CRAZY??!  It's like spring hit and the kids are picking up on Figurative Language everywhere.  I LOVE it!  To celebrate spring, or maybe just Figurative Language, or maybe just another Open House project... we made a Figurative Language bulletin board.  The top has our CA poppies (which each petal has examples of Hyperbole, Alliteration, Simile, and Personification), and then on the bottom the kids created their Literal Idiom Art.  Oh - that just capitalized on their silliness these days.  The flowers are just a big template that I give my students that they trace onto orange construction paper and cut out (I use file folders to create the template).  After writing, they fold the petals forward to make them POP from the wall.  The idiom art came from The Peanut Gallery.  I glue them 4 per piece of construction paper and then cut the green edge to form grass that also pops off the wall.  It's the little things people...  

What are you doing to have fun with Figurative Language these days? Hope this helped someone!  

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  1. Hi Emily,

    I love your figurative language bulletin board and would love to use your California poppy idea. A couple of questions about the project.. did you just hand draw the template for kiddos to use. Or do you have one that you could share or point me in the right direction to find. Also, do the kids write each type of fig. language on the poppy about poppies or do you have them write them about other things. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas! Your classroom looks great!


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