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August 4, 2021

TPT Sale Reminder - 10 Recommended Stores

Yesterday and today there is the annual TPT site sale going on.  There are a ton of things that I have loved using in my classroom, some of which I have already shared about on here.  

I haven't added any 5th grade items into my store since I bumped up from 4th.  I wanted to get used to the new grade and become an expert before I made anything, and in the meantime I found some wonderful 5th grade teacher stores that I highly recommend.  

If you are in need of some retail therapy, may I suggest the following TPT stores to wander down the aisles? You might find that perfect new product to test out in your classroom.  

Jennifer Findley - I pretty much own her entire store.  Math task cards, math center games, error analysis, ELA stuff, lots of things that I use on a weekly basis - basically I love her store.

Joanne Miller - I use a lot of her ela and math ideas all year long - love her Reading Conferences.  

Create Teach Share - I have quite a few math and ELA resources - love her math interactive notebooks.

Hello Fifth - I have a lot of her social studies and math ideas - love her STEM ideas with history.  

Miss 5th - I have quite a few math activities - kids love her escape rooms.

Mrs. J's Resource Creations  - I have a lot of her math mysteries - love how engaging they are.  

The Book Umbrella - I have units for all the novels that we read in class - I love the format.  

Science Spot - I have a lot of fun activities for Social Studies, Science, and Math - love the cootie catchers.

Lovin Lit - I have her interactive notebooks for both ELA and also her powerpoints for SS - love all the information.

Jenifer Bazzit - Thrive in Grade Five - I have quite a few ELA and Social Studies projects - love the history snip its.

If you do need to go shopping, I hope you find the perfect product. :) Don't forget to use the code for extra discounts.

Have a great day! 

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