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October 11, 2012

Rainbow Edit Example

Hello! I hope your day is going great. Last week I received an email asking to see Rainbow Edit at work in my classroom.

The following picture is my example with the kids from today. Here's the breakdown.

Capitals are marked as red. We are working on remembering proper nouns too.

Orange is all the punctuation.

Yellow is the indent.

Green is the topic sentence with a box around the key words to show main idea.

Blue is adding any other words or details. The kids are trying to extend their paragraphs by adding more examples.

Purple is checking words they aren't sure about. If there isn't any words they are questioning they put a purple star on the bottom so I know it's a full rainbow.

After they check it all they use their now colorful rough draft to write their final. I keep the finals for their writing folder and they take home the rainbow to show their parents.

I'm on Blogger on my phone so if you want my write up with the colors head to the side page with all my Google Docs. That will take you to the post where you can download.

Hope this helps!

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