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June 23, 2014

Two for Tuesday: 2 Most Wishlisted AND Store Sale

For this Two for Tuesday I chose 2 of my most wish listed products in my store.  

Whole Class Writing Journals {Starter Pack - 15 covers}

Two summers ago I wrote up a blog post about using Whole Class Writing Journals in my classroom. I added a picture of my plain covers on my colored spiral notebooks laying on my carpet, and it took off - bringing over 22,000 people to the blog to read that one post.  Those plain pieces of paper worked on my journals, but last summer I wanted to use clip art to make them cute, while still maintaining a "low ink solution". 

15 covers are included in this product, in addition to an idea of the directions I give my students for writing and reading in the journals. All you will have to do is print and glue these covers onto the front of a notebook of your choice. You could laminate them first before attaching, it might make it more durable - though regular glue lasted the entire year. 

Topics Include:
Pg. 6 – Future Job
Pg. 7 – Favorite Pets
Pg. 8 – Favorite Food
Pg. 9 – Favorite Music
Pg. 10 – Save the Earth
Pg. 11 – Summer Activity
Pg. 12 – Winter Activity
Pg. 13 – Spring Activity
Pg. 14 – Fall Activity
Pg. 15 – Travel Adventure
Pg. 16 – Favorite Sport
Pg. 17 – Space Adventure
Pg. 18 – Super Hero Talent
Pg. 19 – Save the Princess
Pg. 20 – Magical Tree Adventure

In my store, I also have a "Set 2" of my Whole Class Writing Journals that contains 25 different covers.  If you are just looking for Math Covers - I have 6 available as well in a separate product (also included in Set 2).  If you would like to purchase a bundle of both Set 1 and Set 2, the bundle is now available in my store.

Another main wish listed item is my Froggie Fraction Task Cards.   

Fraction Multiple Choice Task Cards (Frog)

Fractions are a big concept for students to learn and are sometimes a difficult concept to grasp. I wanted my students to have a chance to review our initial fraction lessons in a fun way, while allowing them test prep in a multiple choice format. 

These 32 task cards review:
*Cards 1-8: Equivalent Fractions
*Cards 9-16: Simplifying/Reducing Fraction (both vocabulary terms)
*Cards 17-24: Change Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions
*Cards 25-32: Change Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

I use task cards in my classroom by first playing a scoot game to review, then we go over them full class. I then put the cards into my math centers for extra review throughout the next 2 weeks. I use them for my small group intervention time, as well as having parent volunteers use them when they are working one on one with students. Finally, I use task cards at times to practice test prep, and give informal/formal assessments. I use them all the time! 

This product contains:
*32 task cards to practice fractions 
*Answer key
*Multiple Choice format
*Clip art on each card and on the answer key to make it easy to keep all supplies together and sorted.

I Love My Classroom

Both of these products are less than $2 in my store.  
I also realized that I haven't had a store sale for this month, so I put my entire store on sale for 20% off now - Thursday of this week.  :)  Enjoy!  

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  1. I really like your whole class journal idea! I am going to check out your product!



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