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May 17, 2012

Countdown to Summer! 10 Days to Go!

It's official, I'm starting to physically count the days until Summer break.  Today in class I pulled out the bright "summer" colors of copy paper and we made a 10 day paper memory chain.  

First I had to have them use their rulers to measure out the strips of paper, then we had to have a discussion as to why we needed to keep the papers together when they were cutting them. (The answer is because it saves time and energy - in case you were wondering).

Before we started we brainstormed all the fun things we have loved about our year.  My students brainstormed a huge list of stuff.  Here's some of their list that I actually remember:
  1. Cereal Box Book Reports
  2. Owl Pellet Dissection
  3. Food Can Dance
  4. Sugar Cube Missions
  5. Sacramento Field Trip
  6. Mission Report
  7. Famous Californian Presentations
  8. Winter Party
  9. Halloween Party
  10. Native Californian Research
  11. Who's Who Book Report
  12. Science Experiments
  13. Read Alouds
  14. etc, etc, etc...
After we went on and on writing it all on the board, they started their project.  It was the regular type of paper chain project, but it was really nice hearing them mention everything they have enjoyed about this year.  I'm really going to miss this group of kids...

...Anyhow, my paper chain is hanging up on the white board just waiting for tomorrow afternoon when we can tear a link off.  My students took theirs home, and hopefully they are sharing it with their families.  The countdown is on - 10 days left! 


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