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May 12, 2012

I love Vistaprint!

My latest order from Vistaprint was delivered yesterday afternoon.  I thought it ironic because the testing sign magnet that I created was delivered the afternoon after our final reading test.  Hardy-har-har...

Anyhow, I could have an entire page devoted to all the Vistaprint projects that I have created this past year (but instead I'll just write up a blog post).  I'll type them up here, and add more pictures next week after I can get back in to the classroom to take pictures of it all.  Everything I have ordered from them this past year has been free, I only had to pay cheap shipping from them.  I didn't choose a more expensive design, though they have plenty - just what was offered for free.  I also made sure to choose the slowest shipping, since even the slowest one only takes about a week to be delivered.

My latest testing sign magnet - this one I will slap up on the whiteboard when it's test time.  I say these same things over and over, this is a visual reminder that I don't have to rewrite every time we take a test.  This is the small car magnet on their site.

My outside testing sign magnet - I put this on the door to ask visitors to please do not disturb us during a test.  It's amazing to me how testing seems to attract so many visitors from other classes.  This really has helped them to not open the door at that moment in time.  I'm all about less distractions and more focusing.  This is once again the small car magnet.  

My newest helper thank you notes - They have a set of 10 flat invitations that are free.  I have used them this year to create personalized thank you notes for Christmas.  They also had a free Christmas photo set that I used to create more free thank you notes.  Between the 2 sets, I had enough for all the gifts that I was blessed with.

My welcome postcard - another freebie.  I sent these out the week before school began, to invite parents to Back to School Night and to welcome students into my classroom.

My business cards - Before this year I never had business cards, but now I will never not have them.  They come in a free pack of 250.  I designed them to have my class website on them, and my contact information - name, phone number, email.  I attached them with a paper clip to the Back to School night packet of information.  If nothing else, I know the parents used it to check out the website and to email me when they had questions.

My personalized pen - I know, a silly thing, but my pen always goes missing in my school bag.  This way I remember that the pen needs to stay in my bag for those moments I tend to grade on the road.

Classroom Library labels - I had my information printed on a super cute address label.  It was free and came in a pretty big package.  At the beginning of the year I broke my order up into a couple of different shipments, so I was able to order more for free.  This was something that was one of those tasks that I asked my family members to do when they came to help me out setting up my classroom at the beginning of the year.

My personalized stamp - yes, they have these too.  Sometimes you don't feel like writing the same thing over and over again.

My encouragement notes - I did another order later on in the year and created another set of business cards.  These I used as encouragement notes to the kids.  I attached them to their Christmas gift bags from me.  It's amazing to me how many of them stuck it inside their binders to keep.

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