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May 23, 2012

Paper Diorama

My dear wonderful coworker walked into my classroom the other day and announced this very simple, paper folding diorama.  In 12 years of teaching I have never seen this come together.  Now, I know this will be a yearly thing.

How to make a Paper Diorama - Now here's the steps:

 Step 1: Lay paper horizontal in front of you.
 Step 2: Fold down right corner to make a flat bottom.
 Step 3: Open it up and repeat on the left side.
 Step 4: Open it up and see the X - the top part of the X should be the small little folds (compared to the lower portion of the X).
 Step 5: Turn the paper so the little part is on the bottom.
 Step 6: Cut the left little fold just up to the intersection.
 Step 7: Gently pull the middle part of cut X to the left and have 
it overlap the paper until you get to the fold.  Tape, staple, or glue it into place.
Step 8: Flip it around so you have "mountains" in the background.

Here's an example of my student's Gold Mining Camp.  With their folds, it turned out to be tiny little mountains at the very top. 

Have fun paper folding!  I didn't get a headache from this project!



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