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January 1, 2013

Planning for the 100th Day and FLASH sale

I'm joining up with a bunch of other bloggers to ring in the New Year TPT style.  One day only 20% off until midnight on 1/1/13.  
Thanks to Hope for creating this cute graphic!  
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Last January for celebrating the 100th day of school I brought in one hundred Hershey Kisses. We were at the math lesson where we needed to compare and order fractions, so I wrote the fractions 1/1 to 1/100 on the bottom of all the kisses and then hid them around the classroom during prep.

When the kids came back they had to find all the kisses throughout the classroom. Each student was responsible for finding 3 chocolates, the extras we found together. They kept the chocolate on top of their desks (with the directions of NOT eating them), and we started to organize them on the whiteboard marker rack. We started off pretty simple - who had 1/1 and who had 1/100. We put them on opposite sides of the board. Then the kids started to come up and place the labeled chocolates in the correct places of our make shift number line - ordering and comparing as we went along. Once everyone worked together I went through and did the final check. It was a great activity and the kiddos really took responsibility for putting their fractions in the correct place.

I wanted to have that same fun with using different types of numbers, but without the need for chocolate temptations every time, so I made up this number bundle. It comes with whole numbers, negative numbers, fractions, and decimals.  It's over at TPT if you are interested!

Hope you have a good day!  It's the last day of vacation and I'm actually excited about seeing my school kiddos tomorrow morning.  I am NOT excited about setting my alarm tonight though...


  1. What a fun activity! I am going to have to do this when I go back....but not until Monday because I still have the rest of the week off!!! :) Have fun with your kiddos tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for offering to help with my giveaway! I'll get some details from you in the next few days :)

    Fifth in the Middle

  3. This is an AWESOME activity! I love that it's tactile and gets the students up and moving!


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