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January 30, 2013

Superbowl Party on Friday!!

I will be the first to admit that I am not a football fan.  I was in high school but that was more because I sat in class with the guys on the field and had known them since Kindergarten. :)  

Over the years I have watched the games, but by saying "watched" I really mean I was sitting on the couch, pinning things, or grading papers (since it always falls so close to the end of the trimester when big projects come in).  I love the snacks involved and I enjoy watching the commercials.

I have also been known to go shopping during the celebration with friends since there is no one at the stores.  

This year is different though since it is "our" team.  I have gone to their games, sat in their stadium seats, and enjoyed the atmosphere.  My students also are fans.  They wear their jerseys and are just really excited about this coming Sunday.

So because I'm always one to tie in holidays or special events in class I wanted to celebrate with my students.  Last week I made up those Long Division Football Task Cards to review skills during Math time on Friday.

Long Division Football
Here's what else I am planning on doing.

Football Themed Skills Pack for Grades 3-5
I bought this from Dana Designs.  I can use every single page in her packet.  With my lovely copy budget issues, I printed off only 8 sheets each of her subject & predicate, fact & opinion, and comprehension pages.  I also printed off 1 copy of each answer key.  Those I slipped inside page protectors so the students can rotate through the different stations during center time.  Yes, I'm doing ELA centers to review.  

Those are 3 of the 4 stations, the other station I bought from Miss Speechie.  
  Football Listening For Details!
She has 3 game boards and 24 different football theme mini paragraphs with comprehension questions.  This group will work in partners to read each other the paragraphs and ask/answer the questions.  It's all about listening for details, which my kids need to work on.  

Football Helmet Coloring Page

For an afternoon art project, I am letting my kids decorate their own helmets.  I found this over at Sweet Clip Art and it's already for them in a coloring page.  Sometimes even 4th graders need a chance to color on a Friday afternoon!

I also picked up some supplies at my party store to complete the party theme.  

Happy Superbowl!


  1. We are having a Superbowl party too! We are making A Cupcake for the Teacher's craft! My fourthies love to color so I am going to steal your coloring page idea :)



    1. I'm glad it could help! My students loved it!


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