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June 15, 2013

Revisiting Clipboards

Yep - I'm still gone... Do you miss me yet?  Here's another revisit post in case you never saw it....

Remember this picture from last year?  

Last summer I spray painted my clipboards in my front yard for a Monday Made It.  I have loved them and they really have held up to the demands of 9 and 10 year olds.  Kids didn't write or doodle on them, except for a couple of markings on the top silver spray.  They still look great.  A couple of them have part of the red ribbon unraveling, which is understandable - the kids used these basically every day.  I probably should have used another type of ribbon at the time, but I went with the cheap thin stuff (which was what I could afford).  I'm thinking of replacing the ribbon when I go back in August.\

I did end up adding a huge apple sticker to the back of each clipboard.  It wasn't necessary at all, but all the stickers held up over the course of the year and was a great addition to tie it into my apple theme. 

If you are thinking of doing this project this summer I still totally recommend it.  Just remember to get a bunch of cans of spray paint since it takes a bunch to cover them all on the front and back.  Also pick up a drop cloth and watch out for the wind.  It took me 3 cans of blue and 1 of metallic.  Maybe a different color wouldn't mean as many coats - of course I love my blue!  Use a cut file folder to place under the clip part if you decide to spray metallic colors on the top (to protect the color underneath).

The link above goes back to my post from last year.  

Hope this helps someone.  :)  


  1. Such a simple, great idea! I used wrapping paper and self-laminating sheets on mine, but may use your idea to paint the old backs. I do NOT recommend the way I did mine - too many wrinkles. I glued the wrapping paper then unrolled the clear laminating stuff on top. It took way too much time, but I was so excited to be in the classroom again and had the summer to prepare my room.


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