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June 18, 2013

Revisiting Labels

Hi everyone... Yes, I'm still gone but had something else I wanted to revisit.


Remember last year when I got the deal of the century over at Office Max - 6,000 labels for pennies?  Anyhow, I made a bunch of labels to start out the year.

I had...

*Ask me about my test labels

*AR level labels on the back of ID cards

*Math Score Labels

*Parents, Please Sign and Return

*Parent Response Labels

*AR Levels

*Team/Student #'s

At the beginning of the year I was using all of them.. until I ended up forgetting to bring the labels to school and making more copies.  It was a good way to start out the year, oh so organized.   

So, what ones will I continue this next year?  

1.  The kids really got a kick out of the Ask Me about My Test ones.  Of course so many of my kids were getting them that I probably should have just made some buttons/awards/medals to have them wear for the day.  It's a future Monday Made It.  I just don't have the label deal again at this moment in time.  So yes, will do - just probably not in label form.  

2.  I will also definitely keep doing the Student #'s again.  In fact I already put student labels on the new workbooks/curriculum that was delivered before vacation started.  

3.  It was a good thing to use the writing labels (picture above) on the bigger final draft/projects, but I mainly only used them after a while on the ones that didn't score proficient.  I wanted to save them. 

4.  I will definitely do the AR levels again on the back of their ID cards.  It helped keep me organized when we went to library since it allowed myself, the student, and our librarian to know the level of books they should be reading.  

5.  The home communication sticker on low test grades "Parents, please sign" was also a winner.  It helped me to know that the parents did indeed look at their child's work, so it was a clue in before progress reports and report cards.  

What will I NOT print again?  

*I don't see a need for their math scores on a sticker.  It wasn't necessary last year like I thought it would be last summer.  

*The parent response labels "Thank you for your note.  I did see it, but there wasn't time for me to write you back before the end of the day..." - I still have these from last summer if I ever do need it.  Most parents usually email, hardly any wrote in the kids' agendas.  

If you want any of the labels I mentioned, head back to the old post (links are in green above) to download from Google Docs.

Hope this helps someone!  

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