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June 26, 2013

School To Do List Linky Party for Summer :)

I've been waiting for a to do list linky out in Blogville... haven't found one yet, so I decided to tackle one myself over here.  Link up at the bottom if you want.  :)

Last year I made my classroom all cute.  This summer, I didn't bring home a lot of "stuff" from school to redecorate - I still love my classroom.  I don't want to change it a bunch at all for this next year.  I also don't have access, so the "stuff" I brought home was more to get organized with curriculum.

School To Do List (at least at this point)

Great way to get kids to use better word choices in writing!
1.  Synonym Board - beg for fries containers from McD's

2.  Reread classroom read alouds and create activity packs for them.

3.  Math texts - create task cards for each unit (that I don't already have - basically everything from August to January).

4.  Create timeline/story of CA - use S.S. text

5.  Create activities for the different Science units
6.  Read Teach Like a Pirate
7.  Reread Daily 5, CAFE, Book Whisperer
8.  Read Everyday Editing - figure out how I can implement Mentor Sentences into my schedule

9.  Fill in my planner

10. Type up word wall words and find vocabulary pictures that correspond

11.  Print and laminate a ton

12.  Homework folders ready

13.  Binder information ready

14.  Reading logs ready

15.  School supply shopping once the sales start
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16.  Add fabric ruffles to my circle pans

17.  Start making anchor charts for the year

Looking From Third to Fourth: Monday Made It - Last Monday of the School Year
18.  Make magnets for students to take home

Well, that's it for the moment.  Too bad I'm really not motivated at all... :)


  1. Wow! I hope you post your timeline on TPT. You are my favorite "go to" CA teacher for social studies ideas.

  2. I think I could just copy your to-do list onto mine! I have to read "Teach Like a Pirate" and "Everyday Editing," too. . .but I'm running out of time!! Where, oh, where does summer go???


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