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January 27, 2014

Math Time: Coordinate Points

Hi everyone!  Jumping on here to share what my class has been working on regarding Math.  Last Thursday afternoon I was a busy girl.  I was also so tired after celebrating 100th day.  My oldest is "stuck" with me in the afternoons for those 40 minutes after school, so I usually put him to work doing something random (when he isn't working on his homework).  Anyhow, he and another teacher's son used sidewalk chalk and created a coordinate plane outside my portable.

The last couple of years I have had to make it myself.  I guess I haven't HAD to make it, but I love how engaged the kids are when they are physically moving through the motions of a human coordinate plane, forming the point plots.  So on Friday morning we used the outside grid for our lesson.  The kids sat on the outside ring of the grid, and each one had a turn to go through the movements.  I had the boys choose the number on the x axis that the child would travel, and the girls chose the y movement.  They all got the point of the movement.  Then we went inside and played battleship for a while to reinforce the movements - I wanted them to really understand that (1,8) is very different than (8,1) - that everything matters.

Today was the continuation of the lesson.  I picked up these whiteboards from Learning Resources on clearance 3 years ago, and they have come in so handy.  I only pass these out for these graphing lessons, it saves so much money on grid paper!!  Anyhow, we were learning how to use a table and make graphs from those points.  The kids got it so easily.  

More graphing tomorrow, and the next day... it's that time of year!  

Hope you had a wonderful day!

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