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January 20, 2014

New FB Fan Freebie: Facts Behind the Festivities

I'm a curious person.  I like to know why something happened, or when it happened.  I think my students are the same way - I know my own kids are!  So as I have been prepping for all the upcoming celebrations of the next weeks, I got to thinking that I didn't know the facts behind the celebrations. 

 Yesterday I did some digging and uncovered information that I want to share with my students.  I want them to know why we don't have school today, or on February 10th, or February 17th.  I want to be able to share some background knowledge about Chinese New Year, and the Super Bowl, etc.  I want them to record facts and write about them - because this really is the time of year that there is SO MUCH going on to celebrate our history.  

I went researching over at Time and  I typed up my notes, and then made up some lined paper with clip art for the different celebrations.  Then I posted it over on FB for my new Fan Freebie.

I hope this helps you!  

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  1. Love it! I just became a follower on Facebook - thanks for sharing this great resource!


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