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January 9, 2014

Vertical Word Wall and FB Freebie

What a day!  I have had such a relaxing week at school this week - so rested after vacation, then today it hit me that I had been in denial about all the stuff I should have been doing… like grading… like updating online grades… like prepping for next week and next month and tomorrow's book orders heading home…  but instead of tackling what I needed to do (which it is now at home sitting in my school bag), I decided to change up my bulletin boards this afternoon.

One of the things I changed around was my Math Wall.  I took 3 of my small pocket charts and lined them up vertically on my math wall.  This fits the ABC word wall cards and I can stick in the math vocabulary for each unit.  It's so eye-catching!     

Yesterday I also made up some new Morning Math Meeting BIG cards for February.  My students do a constant review of multi digit multiplication, long division, fractions, and factors every morning - so I made up at least 20 of each area (which should last me the entire month).  These are over on FB as my new FB Freebie in case you need something.  I'll be soon working on another project for February involving good old George and Abe that I'll post when I'm done.  Basically - if you need these cards, grab them sooner than later!  

Hope you had a good day!


  1. Word Wall Genius! Finally a useable solution to my problem of multi-grade subject and limited space!, PERFECT! Where are the small charts from? Target at the beginning of the year? I need to do this!

  2. Love the idea of a vertical word wall! That would so work in my classroom!
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