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August 3, 2015

Monday Made It in the Classroom

Hey everyone! Sorry I'm posting so late to the party.  I've been busy in the classroom, trying to set everything up!  Linking up with Tara for another Monday Made It!

I decided to update my bulletin boards using my polkadot card stock and some frames.  Love how they turned out!  Extra love that I didn't waste my color ink when I had these at hand.  

I found these neon color pencils, so decided to make little first day treats for the kids.  

I made up these little table baskets, and added a jumbo size paperclip inside with 2 little signs.  Have you ever been to Bubba Gumps restaurant?  They have these signs at the table that say, "Run Forest Run!" and "Stop Forest Stop!" It helps the waitress know who needs help, etc.  I'm going to try this in the classroom too.  The signs are 2 different colors, so it's easy to notice from across the room.  

So what have you bought at the sale?  I'm still narrowing down my wish list... 

Remember to use the code!  

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