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August 9, 2015

Back to School in a Flash: Decor and More

2 days people... 2 days... Tuesday morning the kids come!  

Today's assignment is to show off my classroom.  I still have a few random projects to complete Monday afternoon, so today I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite areas of my room.

I love using card stock as backing.  My student work wall is one of my absolute favorites.  Each student has their own spot with their student number underneath, and it's easy to see who still needs to finish their work.  This wall changes on a weekly basis.  The card stock is laminated this year...  One of my "projects" is to add a large paperclip to the top of each of the sheets so it's easy to slide papers on and off.

I love using fabric on my walls.  Twin sheets can cover a lot of space!  The actual walls are pretty gross, so the calming colors really are relaxing.  The fabric definitely helps me to LOVE my classroom (ha ha).  The easiest way for me to put up fabric/sheets is to use pushpins on the top of the wall to hold it in place, then cut it to the correct length, staple starting at the top, then adding the border afterward.     

Large open floor space makes me happy.  I have 2 areas on either side of the room that are perfect to sit as a class, work during workshop centers, read during silent reading... 

My storage containers are so helpful to keep things in their right places.  The black ones (top picture) hold my ELA and Math standard task cards - sorted by area.  The large drawers have my projects sorted by trimester.  The other black 3 drawer containers have our class set of thesaurus, spelling activities, fluency pages, social studies/science connections, and ELA workshop options.  In the white drawers I have "Rowley" math facts pages, flashcards, math fact activities, and then manipulatives we use all the time.  

I hope you were able to get some ideas!  Share your classroom by adding a blog post to the below linky!  


  1. I'd LOVE to search inside your math and ela drawers! Everything looks lovely! I love using fabric too!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Fancy Free in Fourth

  2. I love the student work display. The bright cardsock makes it took so fun!
    Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher


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