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August 12, 2015

My Back to School Night Powerpoint

Today was the 2nd day of school.  My Fitbit was humming as I didn't seem to sit down all day long. :)  I really like my class though!  It's going to be a good year.

Tonight my homework is simple.  I need to update my powerpoint because tomorrow is our Back to School Parent Night.  The night that I feel nervous, my voice and legs get shaky, and I talk a million miles a minute to cram everything in.  I need to remember to breathe!  I went looking for my post from last year, so I wanted to share it with you as well.  Many of you didn't know me back then. 

I hope you have a great evening!


August 16, 2014
This week was a blur.  It was the first week of school - so it was long and extra full of all the beginning of year stuff.  My preps were filled with writing receipts for agendas.  My lunches were full of setting up for the next activity.  My afternoons were filled with running around, getting things organized, and taking care of other responsibilities.  My throat and legs are sore from going non stop over the past 5 days.  :)  I know you can relate!    

This week I had Back to School Night on Thursday.  Back to School night is the Parent Night - we give 2 presentations, each about 25 minutes.  It goes fast... and I talk really fast!

Here's my slide show (minus some personal details):

This year I added a picture of my boys first and foremost into my presentation - I want my families to know that I also have a family that is top priority.

I added this slide that my team mate created about the difference from 
the old standards to the "new" ones.

This year I gave a sample schedule of our weekly homework.  

I also did a have a little chat with parents regarding the importance of deodorant and showers for their 4th graders.  :)

As for their desks, I always load up them with my Back to School Packet (which just goes into depth about the things in the powerpoint) and these Parent Questions.

What kind of things do you add into your BTSN presentation? 


  1. Hi Emily, i started following you a couple of months ago and have enjoyed reading your posts over the summer. I love your powerpoint slides in this post that you made for Meet the Teacher night. There are so many changes in grade 4 and when I taught it I found the parents were much more nervous than the kids! Great to get as much info out to them ASAP. I'm sure you did a great job on your presentation and helped set them at ease.
    We don't get out of school until the end of June here in BC, so I've still got a couple of weeks of holiday left.
    Have a wonderful school year. I look forward to keeping up with you in the Blogosphere.
    Always Primary

  2. Yay for having a great class this year!! I won't meet mine until September 8th, and I always start to get anxious about now. Hope your back to school parent night went well!

    Wild About Fifth


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