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February 13, 2016

A Great Gold Rush Book

Two Questions:
1) Do you teach about the Gold Rush?
2) Have you read this book?  

It's a nonfiction book that is full of interesting facts that keep the kids engaged while learning.  Last year was the first year that I brought it into my classroom, and this year I picked up a class set of the books from Scholastic.

My very smart teammate came up with this paper bag book activity for the kids, full of hidden compartments and secret flaps for kids to write on.  

It takes 4 white or brown lunch size paper bags - they are crisscrossed back and forth, always with the bottom of the bag facing up (plain front, flat side down).  Just layer them and then fold/staple to form a book.

First paper bag - bottom of bag on right side, facing up
Second bag - bottom of bag on left side, facing up
Third bag - bottom of bag on right side, facing up
Fourth bag - bottom of bag on left side, facing up

Then fold in half.  I stapled.  My friend hole punched and tied with yarn.

The pages go along with the pages in the book.  It's a lot of summarizing and adding different interesting facts to the pages.  My kids actually BEGGED to do this every day!   

Hope you had a great day!  Hopefully this helps someone.  :)

P.S. - Need some Gold Rush Resources?

California Gold Rush BUNDLE {Reading Passages, Research, a

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  1. The fifth grade team at my school is in the middle of their Westward Expansion unit. I can't wait to share your book review and project idea with them. Thank you!

    ~ Sarah
    One Modern Teacher


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