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February 7, 2016

My Students Love Flocabulary!

A couple of months ago my school had these mini workshops where teachers could share what was working great in their classrooms.  We were given the opportunity to visit classrooms, and choose what we wanted to learn more about.  It was awesome and productive!  My fifth grade colleague shared about Flocabulary.  It was the first time I'd ever heard about it and I got so excited about the options available.  I signed up for a short term membership and emailed my administration that I was interested in a school membership. 

Let me back up... What is Flocabulary?  It is a collection of lesson resources with TONS of Songs and Videos.  It is perfect for my upper elementary kids.  They have raps and songs for everything under the sun, and they are adding more every day.  At first being on Flocabulary was like a treasure hunt.  I kept finding more and more things for my list of favorite videos.  

I kept writing them down so I would remember where to go back to... and then I found this:

Yep, that little gold star is my collection of Favorites.  I was able to make a menu so it really is easy to pull up exactly what rap I want the kids to hear.  

Just a little snapshot of my favorites... My kids beg to listen to the Challenge Raps before
taking their Thursday Math Fact tests.  It's a win when kids are excited to practice their facts!

Here's a short clip of the kids watching the challenge rap.  It's interactive!  The kids love to sing along to the raps on all the songs - the words are on the screen.  

The last few weeks I've been using the grammar raps on a daily basis.  We focus on a certain part of speech per week, so it is a daily thing - I want these songs to get stuck in their heads, especially with testing coming up!  Last week was prepositions!  I use the raps as a transition to start our lesson - that engage piece.  Next week we are going back to review adverbs.  :)    

Something that I didn't know about right away was the Week in Rap, Week in Rap Junior, and the New Video portion located at the bottom of the home screen.  I get so focused on my favorite list that I sometimes forget to scroll down to the bottom of the page.  Thankfully, Flocabulary sends me email updates with the highlights.  This last week there was a fun groundhog video that was perfect on Groundhog Day.  

I just wanted to share how awesome this resource is!  Flocabulary found out that I am a teacher blogger, so they offered to give YOU an extended 75 day trial so you can also see how great it is.    Click the link below to see for yourself.  Sign up between now and the end of February!  

Want to try Flocabulary for 75 days?  Here's the link: 

I hope you have a great day!  

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