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April 22, 2021

State Testing - What I've Learned

Just when you think you can't learn anything else in one year, let's throw in state testing - virtual and in person.  

In person - it's feels like past years.  They come in, log in, and do their thing. But there is the component that the kids are not coming each day, and have to readjust their school device for each testing session. It's easier to readjust on some computers than others. Some days this week I feel like a computer genius, other moments I just want to give up.  I don't have extra devices like in past years, so when a computer isn't working then there isn't the choice of grabbing another one for a kid to use.  That's been hard.

Virtual - it's nothing at all like past years.  Kids have to log into our TEAMS meeting to get the code, then get the server to work on their device. If they picked up their school device and still have their home device at home, they can talk to me on TEAMS for me to help problem solve from a distance until they get onto the server.  That has been helpful. Some kids have had an older sibling or parent help with downloading a server, some kids are doing it by themselves.  That's been hard. The actual virtual server is pretty cool.  Being able to see the kids working, send them messages, and have mini meetings to check in. That is pretty cool. 

Tech things that I've learned:
*TEAMS has to be completely shut down, there are settings in each student's profile that need to be un-checked so it doesn't automatically restart.  If TEAMS is running, even if it's hidden, then it won't let them log into the server. Since the kids are logging into TEAMS on the days they don't test for attendance and to work on their assignments, well, it's a lot of readjusting.  
*I've learned that the in class kids have to be logged into the actual district wifi, not the distance learning wifi, or the district guest wifi.  If it's not the real one, then it will kick them out.  
*I've learned that kids need to keep their finger on their mousepad, because if the screen saver turns on (like if they are reading something for a long time), then the screen saver will kick them out.  
*I've learned that a hard reboot can fix a lot of stuff - like a hard reboot of holding the power button for over a minute and waiting and watching a clock...
*I've learned how to redownload the testing server on student devices because the newest one isn't the one that was downloaded earlier on in the year.  
*I've been reminded that restarting a computer can fix almost anything and that when one asks kids to make sure that their devices are charged for the next day, that there will always be one or two that need access to a power outlet.  :)  

*Each day is getting easier... That seems to be the motto for the school year.  

*Countdown - 26 more school days until Summer.  

Hope you had a good day.  P.S. - It's almost Friday. :)  


  1. Cute photo! I took it to give to my students who have their ELA tests next week!:) Thanks!

  2. I'm glad it can help. I have the Word Swag app and it's so easy to make cute images. :)


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