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April 24, 2021

Grateful for this Last Year

It’s been a while since I did a chat about my own special kids.

I have 3 kids. 

All boys, preteens and teenagers.

Now before you ask, nope - we aren’t having any more. 

That train left the station a very long time ago. :)

If you were to look at my boys, they are turning into young men. I mean a countdown is kind of forming. 

Counting down to summer. To a drivers license. To a first job. To senior year and then all the college decisions. And that’s only for my oldest in the next 4ish months. Then my middle, counting down to when he will actually step foot on his high school campus for the first time. All the fun that will happen next year. Of Friday night lights, of finally meeting those high school buddies. Or getting his permit and starting to teach him how to drive. So much he gets to experience. Or when my youngest will get to start attending our middle school and youth group. There’s a lot of fun things, big things, on the horizon. Change. 

Over spring break I had an epiphany. Of all the times that I have been sad over how fast the years have flown. This last year has been a blessing in many ways. I have been able to appreciate their day to day moments, that in other circumstances, normal circumstances, I would have missed. When time has slowed down and we had more family time. When we had to rely on each other more. When we had to think outside the box. Of all the obstacles that we’ve tackled. 

I have given so many home haircuts over the last year.

We’ve also seen first hand exactly how our own kids learn with their academics and have been able to support them, get some habits and organizational things going that will help in the future. Two of my kids have IEPs, and all three have done really well this year, all things considering. There has been growth. There are still challenges, but I'm proud of my kids.

All these years of being busy and rushing to the next thing and phase... I have been so focused on the lasts of things. All the milestones that have passed for my kids. I guess it’s easy to get moody about what’s passed by, and what they missed out on this school year, but I need to remember there has been so much good too that has happened and is on the way. So much that is still coming. My kids are still kids.  There is still more to cherish.  

Like summer... I can't wait until summer... 

What did you learn this year? What are you looking forward to?

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