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April 1, 2021

April Fools and Spring Celebration

I really don't like April Fools in the classroom.  I'm not a prankster.  I have no poker face. But I thought maybe this year with a mask, I don't have to work too hard to hide it.  

Today was fun.  

First up, did you know that today was really March 32nd? It really is... honest.  :)  It took until the end of our morning for someone to notice the board.  Maybe they were just being polite.  

I also pulled out the Egged On game.  I do it every year on the day before break.  I filled most of them with a little water, some were empty.  Then I let the kids at home choose which in class kids had to come to the web cam and splat themselves.  We did one person and one egg between each of the subject transitions today.  ;) The in class got to choose which egg they wanted from the container. A lot of kids got wet.  Ha!

This turned on me though, when the kids at home... then the kids in class decided for me to do the final 2 eggs.  The first one I was safe - it was empty. The second one had a lot of water and I got wet. All for the name of fun.  

Another prank that I pulled was the State and Capitals Word Search by Fitted to 4th.  5th graders LOVE word searches.  I love word searches.  With studying our states, this ties in perfectly.  I uploaded it to our TEAM files so the kids at home had access, but I also had printed off a set for myself.  I then took a picture of my papers and added it to our meeting conversation.  My printed pages I put under the document camera for the kids in class.  

We started with the States word search. Calling on kids both in person and online as they found the different locations. They were having a blast.  Then in the 5 minutes before recess we started the Capitals one. I kept encouraging them, said it was a little trickier, that we had to remember our capitals that we'd been studying.  The kids kept saying they were finding them, but it's filled with tons of false starts.  Then they started finding other words... They were getting frustrated since the States one had been so easy.  Finally told them April Fools and we all got a good laugh.  

Other random fun things from today...
*After recess I "made" them get out their playdough to create a 2 minute bunny to show off in front of the camera.  They nicknamed their bunnies either cute or creepy.  Kids at home also had their play dough that they had picked up from the office.
*I gave them a sappy speech about the Glow Eggs.  
*We took time for that Bunny Art project.  I showed off Zentangle Patterns and they decorated their bunnies.  A lot of bunnies ended up with mustaches. :)  
*We did our normal end of week things as well.

It was a lot of fun and now it's really Spring Break!!!  

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