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June 20, 2012

Homeworkopoly Game

Ladybug's Teacher Files inspired me to create this for my students.  You can find her post here in addition to the game board and playing cards that she created.  I don't have a lot of wall space, so instead I put this on a tri-fold display board and covered it with clear contact paper.  I will pull this out on Friday mornings to celebrate students that have all their homework completed that week.  Then, the rest of the week it can be tucked away until it is needed again.  

How will I play the game?  Students will roll the dice and move their little marker to the correct spot.  The spot could just be a "resting" spot, or else it could be an activity or treat.  Activities are listed on the board - spelling a spelling word or answer a math question.  Treats are listed on the back of the cards - they could end up getting a chance to use a pen for the day, read an extra 10 minutes more, sit wherever they want for a lesson, etc.  Just a little something extra to enjoy the moment.  

Yay!  One project complete!  


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