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September 3, 2012

Currently Time!

Hi again!  With the day off, I'm catching up in Blogland - and I really wanted to link up with Farley to share my Currently with you all...

As much as I am loving having today off - my boys are also enjoying it!  Of course my 1st grader has spent a bunch of time on the computer this morning WANTING to do his IXL skills and play spelling games on Spelling City.  I love his enthusiasm for school.  I on the other hand have had to grade a bunch of Friday assessments - since I really didn't want to do them on Saturday or Sunday... 

So, yes - all 4 of my boys (husband included) are playing on the PS3.  I've been catching up on blog posts and the only other female (our puppy) has been taking a nap.  What a wonderful relaxing day!  I never stay in my PJs until after lunch, but I did.  I made an actual breakfast this morning for the boys (picture is below).  It really was good - scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon bits inside crescent roll dough, then bake.  I found the directions on Pinterest (of course).  

So - because of all the actual cooking that I did, and all the blogs I have been reading, and the grading that needed to be done - well I haven't had time to clean.  That is my excuse.  I'll kick it into high gear sooner than later - I don't do well going into a new week if the house is a disaster.

I won't really go upstairs to watch a movie - I already did have one on when I was grading.  I love On Demand and those cheesy ABC Family free movies.  They had new ones on there, so that was my background noise when I tackled math fact tests, reading and vocabulary quizzes, and math standards assessments.  Oh, the joy!  I just need to get motivated to grade their Summer Sandwiches.  I really don't like grading writing!

Okay - my needing is really a need... Yesterday morning after (my husband) doing many many loads on Saturday, well we went to put some wet stuff from the washer into the dryer - and the starter wouldn't start.  The light is on, so it's receiving power - but it doesn't GO!  Of course the repair people we called yesterday that said they worked on a Sunday never called us back, and it is Labor Day now... so we are trying to wait until tomorrow to call for someone to look at it - and we are praying that it doesn't need to be replaced.  Of course I wouldn't mind getting a new one - I love new appliances and this one is 6 years old - but we really can't get a new one at this point in time... so my parents came out yesterday to visit and they took a bunch of laundry home that needed to get done - and they are coming out again tomorrow to babysit our toddler and will pick up more laundry to do and deliver.  My parents are my own fluff and fold.... I love them!

Last up - my Favorites!  I love Mother's Animal Frosted Cookies and I really haven't bought any in months because I've been doing the healthy thing and eating right & walking every morning.  Call it a stress attack on Friday night when I went grocery shopping, but I bought the beautiful pink and white bag - and then have promptly ate a bunch of them every time I walk by the cupboard.  

My second favorite really is anything to do with my own children.  Just the simple things like hugging them in the morning, and kissing their cheeks at night before bed.  They smell so good!  I know this will change all too soon - my oldest son is already 8 (I have no clue how he got to be that old since I have not become older) - but soon enough the time will come that they will really only smell good with deoderant.

My last favorite is that I really love my Lipton Diet Green Tea.  I don't like Iced Tea at all - I love hot tea, but I need some flavor in cold tea.  I don't like the lemon and the citrus version makes me want to gag.  But I love my mixed berry.  I have learned the hard way that I can't drink too much of it at school in the morning as I will have to call my neighbor to watch my students when I make a bathroom run.

Go link up!  Remember the rule of 3 :)


  1. So...I have a confession...I am still in my PJ's!! lol

    Have a great holiday!

    Mrs. Crouse @ {6th} Grade All-Stars

    1. I bumped from my actual pjs to comfy pants and a shirt... I could still go to sleep in this same exact outfit, but my family probably appreciated me taking a shower. :)

  2. I loooove days where I get to stay in my PJs! =) Thanks for sharing your currently!

    The Resource Room Teacher

  3. I had a lazy day too! I absolutely love frosted animal crackers, but I've never seen the Mother's brand. I buy Keebler and they are delish! I only like the ones with the actual frosting, not that hard glazed stuff. Wish I had some right now...:)I love your sweet comments about your little boys....they do grow up all too fast! My children are 23 this month and 17!!! Where did the time go....enjoy those sweet moments!

    Keep Calm & Imagine

    1. I really don't know where the time went - I blinked too fast...


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