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December 21, 2012

Blending Up Blends and Day 6 of Vacation

I'm sure you have those students in your classroom that need a little bit of extra support with spelling.  I can relate.  My students have a hard time using blends and digraphs, so I "blended" up this activity for them.  30 different blends and digraph ice cubes with 2 sets of alphabet ice cubes for them to manipulate.  I'm going to add this to the spelling station coming back from Winter vacation.
I posted it over at TPT where I added to it my very first SALE going on...

In other vacation news... it is so nice to just relax! Thursday was spent recleaning (it says recleaning is not a word - autocorrects to reclining - I wish!) my house since my boys decided to build a fort and pull out all their toys, I made pancakes for dinner, we took the boys for "real" bowling to help them earn a belt loop for Cub Scouts, and then I took my middle son to his pack meeting to decorate gingerbread houses - to which he said it wasn't a gingerbread house since they used graham crackers instead of gingerbread...  I also filled out the registration forms for my toddler since he will "graduate" to the district's SDC Preschool for their speech program when he turns 3 next month and we filled out the ADHD screening forms for one of my older boys... trying to figure out the best way to help him...learning is tough!

Maybe it was a tad busy after all... tomorrow is date night though!

Hope you had a wonderful day!

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