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December 14, 2012

My Busy Day (Sugar Cube Missions) and Shock

This morning we played a white elephant version of a book exchange and they shared their Santa video game stories.

Then between recess and lunch my grade level did rotations. In my room students did a Christmas Boggle game. The choir also came around caroling.
After lunch the students made sugar cube missions. A couple of years ago I wanted to change up my typical gingerbread house creations to fit with all the 4th grade curriculum. My dad reminded me of my own mission project back in 4th grade where we used sugar cubes to build the mission layout.
So the kids brought in sugar cubes and tubs of white frosting. We use the lids from their shoebox dioramas (I save them from the Ecosystem Dioramas) and cover them with foil.
I pull out the candy bags that were donated after Halloween (I gave them homework passes if they brought in candy), and they decorate. It takes forever.

Spice drops became the bells and lasagna noodles were the roof. The kiddos weren't allowed to eat the candy in class.
As students finished they cleaned up and then they sat back and watched the movie The Polar Express that was playing. I brought in doughnuts this morning, but my kiddos hadn't finished spelling out the "Be Merry" banner. By the end of the day the entire phrase was up and they could eat their treat.

In the classroom it was a wonderful day. 

I didn't hear about the shooting until lunchtime and I think I'm still in shock.  I tried to not let on that my heart was breaking for the families on the other side of the country, at least not in front of my students. I needed to give my students a good day.  I needed them to have a normal day.  Now I'm home with my own boys and I just need to hold them tonight.

Blessings to you.

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