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January 13, 2013

Super Hero Addition and Multiplication

When I was little I didn't enjoy math at all.  I was a reader through and through... a book a day keeps the doctor away... (I wish)

  For the first couple of years of teaching I had to fake it until I made it... meaning I had to fake enjoying math - I didn't want to pass on my dislike for the subject to my kiddos.  Then something changed and math became fun - I think it's the challenge every year of trying to make it interesting and easy to understand for the new batch of kids.  

I will still choose a book to read anyday compared to sitting down with a Sudoku book though.

Because every child should feel like they can accomplish anything they set their minds to... I introduce Super Hero Math!  

Yes, I made up addition sheets.  Yes, I remember that I teach 4th grade.  No, you probably haven't met my class... but sometimes after working with multiplication every day the entire school year, my kids forget their basic addition facts.

Of course I wanted to make up multiplication ones as well.

Both board sets are set up with the same idea.  10 sheets that include grids to fill in their math facts.  Some of the grids are empty, some have numbers filled in to work on patterns and placement, and some have the main grid numbers mixed up.  I'm printing them off and laminating them to put into my math center rotations.  The blank ones I'm printing off a set for assessment purposes.  

I also made up matching flash cards.  I like things to match.  :)

If you are interested in any of them, just click the links above to go check them out.  The previews for them all contain a freebie!  

Now - I don't know if you have noticed, but I have a habit of giving away everything I create on Facebook.  I upload something to TPT and I want to show it off (and help someone else out).  I think it's my need to please and a self confidence booster.  That if someone responds and wants something I made that means I did something right.  The end of this little story is actually a question.  Have you "liked" me on Facebook?    

Happy Sunday! 

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